My Clash Royale Game Review

clash royale review

As a lover of multiplayer strategy games, I installed Clash Royale on my Android handset the very day it was launched online. I spent my free hours in playing the game and found it to be completely strategy oriented. Without planning proper strategies, I was not able to move ahead in the game.

However, what encouraged me to continue with the game was the thought that I had to destroy my opponent and gain victory in the game. Additionally, the background music was something that I enjoyed listening to and this too helped me remain involved in the game for long.

When I entered the game for the first time, I was provided with a hand of four cards from a deck of eight that was selected by me. The factor that interested me the most was that each time I placed a card before the opponent, from the hand of cards I had, a new card was added to the hand.

Furthermore, seeing my digital character in the game destroying the opposition’s towers made me feel as if I was fighting a real war and the only way in which I can gain victory over the enemy is by destroying its towers.

The aspect that made me feel excited was that with every promotion in level I got more tower damage and hit points. This means that after leveling up even if I destroyed a single tower of the opponent, I got more points that what the opponent made on destroying my tower because it was on a level lower than mine.

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However, alongside these perks, the setting of the game seemed realistic to me. While playing the game it felt as if it was not my digital character but me that was present in the game and was surrounded by an elite setting.

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Understanding the control system of the game was extremely easy for me. However, using the same to methodically to overcome the enemy was a little challenging for me. But once I got acquainted with all the features of the game.

I used them to plan systematic strategies to overcome the opponent in the multiplayer battles. Each time I won a multiplayer battle I received a particular chest as a reward from the game, opening which was a thrilling experience for me as I had no idea of the reward that the chest contained.

While playing the game I ensured exploring it. This helped me to gain knowledge of the fact that there are nine arenas in the Clash Royale. However, to participate in an arena I had to have a certain number of trophies at hand. To get the trophies I kept myself glued to the game and ensured focusing on it to defeat the enemy.

Furthermore, an experience that I can relish on forever is the fact that the game allowed me to form a clan with my friends. In this clan, I was able to involve myself in friendly battles with the other clan members. But the good part about these friendly battles is that their outcomes did not affect the chests and trophies that I had. This was the most joyful experience that I had in the game.