Angry Birds Go Tips And Tricks

angry birds go

Angry birds go is essentially a kart game and its number is 8th in the online gaming series of Angry Birds. This version of the game is highly compatible with such Telepods that support summoning of a specific kart. The tracks of the games are located uniquely on the three dimensionally rendered Piggy Island.

This game features as well those karts which are available for up gradation and denotes unique power to each of the characters. Developer of the game posted a video on the official web site projecting a red bird racing and from here the idea of the game was generated.

Chapters Of The Angry Birds Go

For successfully completing one chapter in the game Angry Birds go you need to perform remarkably well in the three stages. The reason behind this is that all the chapters comprise of three distinctive levels. A bird is to race against a champion bird and the purpose is to win by defeating the champion chase.

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All the competitors for all the levels are different. All total there are five levels which are – Seed way, Rocky road, Air, Stunt and Sub zero view. These levels are stuffed with excellent graphic representation of the Angry Birds.

Types Of The Races in the Game

All the stages of the game have a course of five different types of races. These five types are – Race, Time boom, Fruit Splat, Versus and Champion Chase. Only in the last chapter which is Sub zero view in the Angry Bird Go Android Tricks, the champion chase is replaced with Slalom.

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For the first three types of races the racing bird needs to run for only five rounds with the difficulty being the most at the fifth level. After accomplishing the final lap successfully in each stage, the racing bird can be sent to the next one.

Necessity of Telepods

Telepods are very essential in the advanced version of Angry Bird Go Android Tricks. It gives you the capability of summoning a specific kart. However, not that particular racer kart which usually shows on the toy.

The summoned kart becomes functional in ‘stunt’ only during the fourth course of the race. If you are unable to unlock this course through your game playing then you will have to play only up till the versus mode of the game.

The applications of Telepods are necessary to bring the QR code under the scanner after completion of the app each time.

Popularity Of Angry Birds

Angry birds have become popular all over the world among enthusiast gamers. It is considered to be one of the most dearly loved game all around the globe. Keeping the popularity of the game in consideration the developers of the Angry Birds Gaming series, have introduced several types of games in this respect.

However, some of these games have reached the pivotal point of success. With special attention asserted on Angry Birds Go version of this series, it can be said that it is not only a game but a true way of recreation to the gamers.

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