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My Clash Royale Game Review

clash royale review

As a lover of multiplayer strategy games, I installed Clash Royale on my Android handset the very day it was launched online. I spent my free hours in playing the game and found it to be completely strategy oriented. Without planning proper strategies, I was not able to move ahead in the game.

However, what encouraged me to continue with the game was the thought that I had to destroy my opponent and gain victory in the game. Additionally, the background music was something that I enjoyed listening to and this too helped me remain involved in the game for long.

When I entered the game for the first time, I was provided with a hand of four cards from a deck of eight that was selected by me. The factor that interested me the most was that each time I placed a card before the opponent, from the hand of cards I had, a new card was added to the hand.

Furthermore, seeing my digital character in the game destroying the opposition’s towers made me feel as if I was fighting a real war and the only way in which I can gain victory over the enemy is by destroying its towers.

The aspect that made me feel excited was that with every promotion in level I got more tower damage and hit points. This means that after leveling up even if I destroyed a single tower of the opponent, I got more points that what the opponent made on destroying my tower because it was on a level lower than mine.

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However, alongside these perks, the setting of the game seemed realistic to me. While playing the game it felt as if it was not my digital character but me that was present in the game and was surrounded by an elite setting.

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Understanding the control system of the game was extremely easy for me. However, using the same to methodically to overcome the enemy was a little challenging for me. But once I got acquainted with all the features of the game.

I used them to plan systematic strategies to overcome the opponent in the multiplayer battles. Each time I won a multiplayer battle I received a particular chest as a reward from the game, opening which was a thrilling experience for me as I had no idea of the reward that the chest contained.

While playing the game I ensured exploring it. This helped me to gain knowledge of the fact that there are nine arenas in the Clash Royale. However, to participate in an arena I had to have a certain number of trophies at hand. To get the trophies I kept myself glued to the game and ensured focusing on it to defeat the enemy.

Furthermore, an experience that I can relish on forever is the fact that the game allowed me to form a clan with my friends. In this clan, I was able to involve myself in friendly battles with the other clan members. But the good part about these friendly battles is that their outcomes did not affect the chests and trophies that I had. This was the most joyful experience that I had in the game.

Angry Birds Go Tips And Tricks

angry birds go

Angry birds go is essentially a kart game and its number is 8th in the online gaming series of Angry Birds. This version of the game is highly compatible with such Telepods that support summoning of a specific kart. The tracks of the games are located uniquely on the three dimensionally rendered Piggy Island.

This game features as well those karts which are available for up gradation and denotes unique power to each of the characters. Developer of the game posted a video on the official web site projecting a red bird racing and from here the idea of the game was generated.

Chapters Of The Angry Birds Go

For successfully completing one chapter in the game Angry Birds go you need to perform remarkably well in the three stages. The reason behind this is that all the chapters comprise of three distinctive levels. A bird is to race against a champion bird and the purpose is to win by defeating the champion chase.

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All the competitors for all the levels are different. All total there are five levels which are – Seed way, Rocky road, Air, Stunt and Sub zero view. These levels are stuffed with excellent graphic representation of the Angry Birds.

Types Of The Races in the Game

All the stages of the game have a course of five different types of races. These five types are – Race, Time boom, Fruit Splat, Versus and Champion Chase. Only in the last chapter which is Sub zero view in the Angry Bird Go Android Tricks, the champion chase is replaced with Slalom.

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For the first three types of races the racing bird needs to run for only five rounds with the difficulty being the most at the fifth level. After accomplishing the final lap successfully in each stage, the racing bird can be sent to the next one.

Necessity of Telepods

Telepods are very essential in the advanced version of Angry Bird Go Android Tricks. It gives you the capability of summoning a specific kart. However, not that particular racer kart which usually shows on the toy.

The summoned kart becomes functional in ‘stunt’ only during the fourth course of the race. If you are unable to unlock this course through your game playing then you will have to play only up till the versus mode of the game.

The applications of Telepods are necessary to bring the QR code under the scanner after completion of the app each time.

Popularity Of Angry Birds

Angry birds have become popular all over the world among enthusiast gamers. It is considered to be one of the most dearly loved game all around the globe. Keeping the popularity of the game in consideration the developers of the Angry Birds Gaming series, have introduced several types of games in this respect.

However, some of these games have reached the pivotal point of success. With special attention asserted on Angry Birds Go version of this series, it can be said that it is not only a game but a true way of recreation to the gamers.

Try These Awesome Agario Tricks

agario tricks

Summary: It is quite natural for an online player to look for solution to win an Agario game. You will get all your answers in Agario Trick.

The several multiplayer games are gaining importance gradually. And with these, the Agario game is also gaining importance. This has led to increasing demand for several other gaming components. For this game, it is the Agario Trick that is of much popularity amongst the player that enjoys a multiplayer game like nothing else.

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When the game starts to progress, there is certain time when you have to give up your resources just to make your bob win. And this too does to have any guarantee that you will win. On the other hand, things are quite different with Tricks as they are a player’s best friend without any doubt.

Why is the cheats favorite?

Every player at some point in time is new to the game. And if you are a beginner in this Agario game then there is nothing to worry about as you can still have the Tricks and know its features. Below are features listed simply for your better understanding:

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  • The game is all about handling your bob efficiently. Hence, with the Agario Cheats your bob will get speed that will render the opponents powerless.
  • The feature of size provides the bob with greater mass. Big mass will make your bob ready to engulf others at any point in time in the game.
  • Lastly, there is also the feature of invisibility. It is possibly the best quality that your bob can avail. It is a new feature that will make the bob invisible while you continue playing the game with success.

What about the procedures of downloading?

Since Tricks are computer driven programs, so they come with a particular rules and regulations. These set of rules makes answering to some questions efficiently. Below written are the few steps that will guide you thoroughly:

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  • The first step of the How To Trick Agario states that you need to find the website that will offer you with the tools you want. Once you have the got the websites, click on the Trick option of the navigation tool.
  • Keep the username and password handy. You will need it for user authentication.
  • Edit the blank spaces from the given options like invisibility, speed, and zoom. After this click on the generate button.
  • Wait for few seconds for the process to get over. Soon you will become an efficient cell as ever.

What tips this game provides?

The popularity of the game has increased to such an extent that gaming websites have now started to offer techniques which will give a player better perspective to play the game. The factors that you need to keep in mind are:

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  • The Agario Tips will assist you to improve your hunting tactics. You will faster than your friends or opponents.
  • You will learn to eat the pellets. This is considered as one of the significant strategies to win the game.
  • Check on the internet connection for better connectivity. Otherwise you might lose the Tricks while the downloading process is on.

Are the Tricks safe for the device?

As a player, you will definitely not want your device to get spoiled after downloading the Tricks. But as per the Agario Guide, these Tricks are safe to use with no chances of virus infection. Thus, every player can now play the game with no worries of the device getting infected because of the unauthorized Tricks.

Basketball Stars Tips And Tricks

basketball stars

Summary: It is important that you access the Basketball Stars Hack. Other than earning the premium, in forms of gold and cash coins, the hack tool introduces you to scores of tricks and cheats.

As a fan and follower of the game, you will love to use the Basketball Stars Hack. You can now take your game to a new level of perfection, and learn how to make the most of your defensive skill. You may be taking on a computer-generated opponent, or immersing yourself in a shooting competition with a real-time person. Either way, you are in the dire need for cheats and tricks. The hacking tool serves as the standard bridge of connection helping you give a proper direction to your game.

What is the overall importance of basketball stars tricks?

Getting the Basketball Stars Cheats is of paramount importance. You will learn how to get off to a start, and how to improve your skill-sets.

  • The cheats and tricks take you closer to victory, and in the gradual run, you can fast emerge as a champion shooter. It is all about shooting the ball in such a way that it makes to the hoop
  • Here again, the cheats will show you how to swipe straight, and maintain an appropriate distance. As a beginner, you will have an excellent opportunity in mastering the subtle nuances of the game.
  • For instance, you need to interpret the in-built graphics, and swipe straight, depending on your placement from a line. The latter comes as an in-built graphic and separates you from the basket

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What should you know about basketball stars game?

You should know as well as understand the basic technicalities. Take, for instance, the graphical line. You know that it serves as the bar of separation, setting you apart from the basket.

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  • All these technical subtleties are highlighted by the Basketball Stars Hack Tool. You learn how to change your swiping or that of shooting, according to the change that comes over in the meter( the separating line)
  • By swiping properly, you can keep accumulating your bonus points. So, you should learn how to come as close possible as to the line of separation
  • Then, the hacking tool provides you with cheats, and cheats help you realize the significance of the lucky ball. You can belt in a few extra points by shooting with that lucky ball.

What should you be doing?

Without wasting a second, you should learn How To Hack Basketball Stars. At the end of the day, you look forward to having an easy way out.

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  • The hacking tool exposes you to a wide gamut of tricks and cheats, and these ensure that you have little or no problem in accumulating points and piling in extra points as bonus
  • Take, for instance, the importance of shooting harder. If you shoot harder than usual, you will end up earning the backboard bonus
  • Then, if you shoot the ball, in quick succession of one another, you will have a whale of a time earning extra bonus points. Then, if you are playing all by yourself, against a computer-generated opponent, then you should know how to hone your defensive skill.

What is the basic thing to do?

Apart from learning tricks and technicalities, the very basic thing to do is to get Basketball Stars Free Coins. The latter serves as the resource for purchasing merchandise. Moreover, you will have tournaments to participate in, and to participate in these; you need coins. The latter also goes a long way towards increasing your account. The fact that the hacking tool provides you with free coins proves to be advantageous. You need not pay a pie from your pocket. The tool for hacking also makes the necessary arrangement so that you can get Basketball Stars Free Gold.

All About PlayStation Network

free psn codes generator

Sony play station is the most preferred gaming console in the market. The quality features of Sony play station is incredible that it never fails to amaze the user with astounding visuals and audio. The best of Sony play station is that it can be called as complete entertainment package for the people.

Users can choose anything they seek to enjoy such as games, movies, music, videos and TV shows. This is why it fits to the expectation of the people of the entire family. The Sony play station in family is sufficient for the entire family to enjoy the entertainment they expect to have.

Rocking gaming experience with PlayStation Network

Sony play station ranks top in the market because it attracts the users of all age with the entertainment that suits all the age. Movies from old age, retro songs, the famous and favorite radio stations and unlimited games in Sony play station is to be mentioned. Gaming would be fantabulous for the players because of the game collection, the audio and visual quality.

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Gaming in Sony play station would be always exciting for the players because they could get engaged with other players around the world to team up and to challenge them. It would be boring to play games all alone with the computer. So better to get connected with the gamers around the world through play station so that the gamer can have rocking experience.

Beneficial plans to use in PSN

The best of Sony play station is that they users can have unlimited access to movies, music, songs, videos, games and TV shows with attractive membership plan. The play station users have to understand the importance of the play station membership so that they can enjoy amazing benefits that suits their budget and desire.

If the play station user does not subscribe for any membership then he or she has to buy every single product through payment whereas play station membership brings the best offers for the play station users as they can get bundle of products in single package. This makes huge difference it terms of money hence play station users should consider becoming a member.

Free PSN Codes – Do They Work?

The play station network card is used to buy or to pay in the play station network. The play station network is the digital space where the user accesses all kinds of play station products. The play station network called the special online money wallet should be used for each purchase in the play station network.

This play station network card will have alpha numeric codes that make the payment successful and such codes are called as psn codes or play station network codes.

If the play station user gets free psn codes from online then it will be easy for them to access the play station products for free of cost. Get psn codes for free from the online psn code generating service. Using this service the user will be able to generate psn codes for free through the psn code generator.